Quality is what matters most

We believe in using only pure ingredients in all of our products. We know that amazing taste can be achieved with simple, healthy ingredients. Our mantra, “Live Your Wow” is woven throughout our entire brand ethos. This mantra touches our products, customers and the causes we support.

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Wow Brand was created by a husband and wife duo, Preston and Mariel Lewis. Their shared passions for fitness, health and delicious food continuously leads them down the path to dream up new creations for the world to enjoy.

Mariel is the unique talent behind the master product recipes. Drawing upon over a decade of hands-on culinary experience, she pours her love and dedication into creation, endlessly calculating and testing the perfect mixes of healthy and delicious ingredients.

Having over 20 years of branding experience, Preston has created products for some of the largest and coolest companies in the world, helping generate billions of dollars in revenue. He’s also Mariel’s go-to taste tester.

Only Sustainable Materials

Quality Over Quantity

Wow Brand is inspired by those that commit to living a healthy and active lifestyle and we create products for this group. Whether you’re traveling, competing in sports or simply love enjoying the outdoors, proper nutrition is the key to sustained energy and living your wow life.

Quality Over Quantity

We hope you love our creations.

We are committed to creating products that:


Have All Natural Ingredients


Don't have artificial additives


Don't have artificial preservatives


Are healthy and nutritious


Contain simple, real foods


Add joy to your life

Add some wow
to your life.

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